Who I Am

Who I Am

I was born at Brookside Hospital. My mother is an armor truck driver for Brinks and my father was a construction worker. Growing up in the Iron Triangle, I experienced firsthand how important economic opportunity and community engagement are for the success of community and how their absence is detrimental to people’s lives. Families like mine had owned their homes since the end of WWII and helped create a tight-knit community in that period. Small businesses like Cotwright corner store and La Perla’s Restaurant contributed to community identity as well as nutrition. It was the time I spent in the Nevin Community Center playing billiards where I learned the people’s history of Richmond, became empowered through education that would allow me to compete in any arena, and developed a deep and abiding adoration for my hometown.

Upon graduating from Howard University, I returned to Richmond to serve my community, as the Vice Chair of the Economic Development Commission, through which I worked with the City Manager’s Office to create community renewal without removal. As a Community Worker at Richmond High School, I partner with various community organizations to eliminate barriers in academic and social success for our youth. Through serving as Town Hall Moderator for Ceasefire, I work to better the relationship between Richmond police and civilians through working to build respect, trust, and understanding.

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