Meet our Staff

Brandon Evans
Chief of Staff

Brandon Evans is a non profit professional, community advocate and civil servant who was born and raised in Richmond, California.

He went on to get his Bachelor’s in Urban Studies and City Planning, and is currently receiving his Masters in Public Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the City of Richmond EDC, Visit Richmond Ca Board Member and Vice President of the Coronado Neighborhood Council.

Dori Goldberg
Constiuency Director

Dori was raised in Richmond from age 5, and is a recent graduated from San Francisco State University. He believes fundamentally in the importance of local governance, and is honored by the chance to work with residents to find solutions to the city's housing needs.

Angelica Delgado, MPH
Constiuency Director

Born and raised in Richmond, CA, Angelica understands the many ways neighborhood conditions affect her community’s health. Angelica’s work in Richmond began through a high school volunteer program at Kaiser Permanente and a college internship with The California Endowment’s Healthy Richmond. As a third-generation Richmond resident, Angelica is committed to improving her community’s health by building and supporting leadership that address physical and social environment issues affecting the daily lives and wellbeing of Richmond residents. Angelica has a B.S. in Sociology with minors in Public Health Science and Ethnic Studies from Santa Clara University. She also holds a Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Hossain Albgal
Constiuency Director

Hossain is a Yemeni-American Richmond native and a member of the Economic Development Commission. Growing up, Hossain was a part of the Making Waves Education Program and graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. He currently leads Partnerships and Community Engagement at an edtech startup called Brightwheel in San Francisco. Before Brightwheel, he completed the Education Pioneers Fellowship program in New York City, working with the NYC Department of Education to develop a city-wide economic empowerment program and, prior to that, worked at Google as a Partnerships Manager for 3 years. He spends his free time with his family or playing basketball at the 24 hour fitness in Hilltop.

Christina Kenney
Brand Manager

Hailing from the Bay, Christina was raised in Richmond + Vallejo. A natural creative, she graduated from Pepperdine University '12 with a degree in English Writing + Rhetoric and a minor in Professional + Academic Writing. Her love for social media, self-education in marketing/media, and desire to help black and brown business lead her to found her own production house "For Us Productions" in 2019.

Champagne Brown
Policy Director

Porschea Brown
Constiuency Director

Mrs. Brown is a dedicated Richmond resident who is passionate about improving the wellbeing of her community. Mrs. Brown earned a M.A. in Social Work in 2013 and was born and raised in the City of Richmond. Currently, Mrs. Brown works with children of custodial and non-custodial caregivers to mitigate abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Mrs. Brown is dedicated to serving her community and she is making emphatic strides to do so. She is persistent, dedicated, and resilient and will work to ensure that ALL members of the community feel a sense a pride and purpose. Mrs. Brown spent years working with a group of economic, labor, environmental, and racial justice organizations to develop a county wide engagement table. Mrs. Brown is also a founding member of the “We Love Our Brothers” initiative, a campaign that recognizes social injustices related to African American boys and men and the impact it has on community.

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