Porschea Brown

Porschea Brown

Porschea Brown
Constiuency Director

Mrs. Brown is a dedicated Richmond resident who is passionate about improving the wellbeing of her community. Mrs. Brown earned a M.A. in Social Work in 2013 and was born and raised in the City of Richmond. Currently, Mrs. Brown works with children of custodial and non-custodial caregivers to mitigate abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Mrs. Brown is dedicated to serving her community and she is making emphatic strides to do so. She is persistent, dedicated, and resilient and will work to ensure that ALL members of the community feel a sense a pride and purpose. Mrs. Brown spent years working with a group of economic, labor, environmental, and racial justice organizations to develop a county wide engagement table. Mrs. Brown is also a founding member of the “We Love Our Brothers” initiative, a campaign that recognizes social injustices related to African American boys and men and the impact it has on community.

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